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Mpps ECU Chip Tuning MPPS V16 Support Multi-Languages MPPS 16 For EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 MPPSV 16 Ecu flasher

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MPPS V16 ECU Chip Tuning Tool For EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 Inkl Checksum SMPS MPPS 16 CAN Flasher Remap Cable

Model Name:MPPS V16


Windows System: Windows XP SP2(close anti-virus program)

Support Multi-Language: 
English, Afrikaans, Albanees, Bahasa Melayu, Cech, Cymraeg, Deutsch, Esti, Espanol, Filipino, Finnish, Francais, Galego, German, Hrvatski, Indonesia, Italiano, Kiswahili, Latviesu, Lietuviskai, Magyar, Malti, Nederlands, Norsk, Polska, Portuguese, Rmoanian, Slovencina, Slovenski, Srpski, Suomea, Svensk, Turkish.



Please note:

1.Windows System requires Win Xp SP2 to installed. Make sure it is clean SP2.

2.Uninstall older version MPPS software completely on your pc.

3.Do not update it via internet otherwise the tool will be damaged.

4.MPPS V16 may have bug of displaying wrong voltage but does not affect device using,please Note this .



MPPS V16 Ecu Tuning Tool is a very convenient tuning tool which can works through OBD socket. By connecting via OBD port, it can works on Bosche EDC16, EDC17, MED9.x, Siemens PPD1 / x, EDC15, ME7.xi and many more ecus. No need disassemble dashboard, no need sodering.

The MPPS V16 modern interface that allows you to read and write memory from the on-board computer through the diagnostic connector. 

Supports the latest drivers EDC16, EDC17, MED9.x, for Sie-mens PPD1 / x, EDC15, ME7.xi much more .

Professional services, without unnecessary boxes and wires.

All the electronics to OBD2 connector.  

New cars have been added



1. Recalculation of checksum

2. Read / write flash 

3. Flasher Remap


Package List:

1 x MPPS V16 ECU Tuning Interface

1 x CD

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MPPS-V16 MPPS-V16-ECU-Chip-Tuning-Tool Mpps-ECU-Chip-Tuning-MPPS-V16