• 16-Pin-J1962-OBD2-Male-90-Degree-Angle-Connector-Housing-Kit-with-Hardware

OBDII male connector 90 Degree OBD2 connector plug shell line card screws OBD plugs J1962M

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Automotive Male Connector OBD2 Connector Plug + Shell + Wire Card + Screw OBD Plug J1962M

  • OBDII J1962 16 Pin 90 Degree Connector
  • Male Connector
  • Color: Black
  • Includes rubber grommet and screws


Easy install,durable,waterproof

Convenient to use,plug and play

Just a small connector,do not have any software

Be used to convert into 16 pin connector for the car

Pin: 16 pin

Interface: Male connector

Color: Black

Fitment: fit for most car



The connector includes the following sections:
1. Standard 16pin male plug * 1
2. Shell (upper and lower shell) * 1
3. The tail * 1
4 screws * 2

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