Vgate vLinker MC / MC+ Bluetooth / WiFi ELM 327 Scanner OBD2 BT 4.0 BT3.0 Auto Diagnostic Tool

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The V_Link01 is an OBD to UART interpreter IC designed to provide bi-directional half-duplex

communication with the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system (OBD-II). It supports all legislated OBD-II protocols, as well as two proprietary networks: for GM Single Wire CAN (for GMLAN), and for Ford Medium Speed CAN (MS CAN).

A wealth of information can be obtained by tapping into the OBD bus, including the status of the malfunction indicator light (MIL), diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), inspection and maintenance (I/M) information, freeze frames, VIN, hundreds of real-time parameters, and more.The V_ Link01 is fully compatible with the de facto industry standard ELM327 command set. Based on a 32-bit processor core, the V_ Link01 offers more features and better performance than any other ELM327 compatible IC.



■ Rich instruction set, compatible with more APP software.

-- Fully compatible with ELM's AT command set;

-- Fully compatible with STN's ST command set;

-- Expanded 7 AT commands for HS-CAN, MS-CAN, SW-CAN;

--39 VT macro commands, some instructions are equivalent to the effect of several AT and ST instructions, simplifying the communication steps.

■ Multiple protocols

--15 ELM format protocols;

-- 23 STN format protocols;

-- Up to 64 user-defined protocols.

■ Multiple fieldbus.

-- SAE J1850 VPW

-- SAE J1850 PWM

-- ISO 9141-2

-- ISO 14230-4

-- ISO 15765-4 CAN

-- SAE J1939 CAN

-- ISO 11898 (raw CAN)

-- for GMLAN Single Wire CAN (for GMW3089)

-- for Ford Medium Speed CAN (MS CAN)

■ Multiple power management solutions 

-- Compatible with ELM and STN power management solutions.

-- Support for instructions, UART silence, battery low voltage, OBD bus silence, etc. Up to 5 ways to go to sleep;

-- Support UART active, battery voltage drop, OBD bus active, key, etc. Up to 5 ways to wake up from sleep mode.

-- Device sleep power consumption is less than 2 mA.

■ OBD request byte up to 48 bytes, can meet the needs of some special long frame


■ UART data buffer up to 2K bytes, baudrate increased to 230.4Kbps.

■ User-operated storage area

-- 256-byte storage unit

-- More than 100,000 erasable times

-- Read and write operations on any unit in the storage area by using the VT command

■ " Mix ID Sending" mode of CAN protocol.

-- Optional formatted send data according to protocol

■ Multiple WM sequence settings

-- Support AT command to manually set WM sequence

-- Support for specifying a protocol or a full protocol-wide temporary WM sequence

-- Support for a permanent link between a protocol and a private WM sequence

■ Secure bootloader for easy firmware updates


Typical Applications

• Vehicle telematics

• Fleet management and tracking applications

• Usage-based insurance (UBI)

• OBD data loggers

• Automotive diagnostic scan tools and code readers

• Digital dashboards


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